Customer Interview – Paul & Margaret

V C Jones of Whitstable
Margaret: ‘On our day trips out, we come down to Whitstable. We saw V C Jones fish and chip shop and thought we would try it out. We have been coming in, on and off ever since’.

Britain’s Got Talent
M: ‘She was weird. She was always staring at Simon Cowell to say, Yes, you know and they kept going through the [suspense music] throughout the show. She kept popping up everywhere’.
Paul: ‘It was disturbing wasn’t it, like watching a zombie or something at work’.
M: ‘She’s got a white face, all make up and that you know’.

‘He’s Well Trained’
M: ‘He does all the cooking by the way and the shopping. Most of the time he will wash up. If I can get him to wash up. He’s well trained.’

Whitstable Holidays
M: ‘We haven’t really noticed an awful difference in the amount of people in Whitstable, have we?’.
P: ‘Well, no, that’s not entirely true. We tend to, because we are retired, we can pick and choose when we do things’.
M: ‘We try to avoid school holiday times in Whitstable’.
P: ‘And we try and avoid peak eating times’.

Jordan gets married again
P: ‘Some of these people, they sort of, they seem to have husbands like you change your socks. I don’t see much point in it personally. I mean, if I was married four or five times, I’d think perhaps it’s not a good idea. I can’t see what the point is’.
M: ‘You could say that about Joan Collins. I was reading about her. She’s 79 this year and her husband is 32. He could be ‘the one’ but I’m thinking, 79 she is this year and he must be 33 this year’.
P: ‘He is blind of course’.

London Olympics 2012
M: ‘Well, we’ve got no intention of going to see anything. Not that I wouldn’t like to but I just think it’s going to be absolutely horrendous to get there and again, there’s just too many people. I couldn’t stand it really. It’s not necessarily the getting in there. It’s the getting out’.
P: ‘If you walked away from the ground, you could imagine about 100,000 people all heading in roughly the same direction. If you fell over, you would be trampled to death’.
M: ‘Why pick London? Okay, it’s the capital city but it’s also, everybody converges on London, businesses and that. For them, it’s just going to be horrendous I think, travelling and trying to get to their work’.
P: ‘I would have thought the Olympic games would have been better held in Norfolk or something, where, all they’ve got to do is run a motorway up there. There’s plenty of space and probably will leave an aftermath of some development that would encourage people to move out of the city’.
M: ‘Yes, but who would go there?’

Technology and BT Infinity
P: ‘The way technology is going, they make something but they have already got three or four developments on that, in the pipeline. They don’t sell them because you’ve got to buy this and then they say: That is unsatisfactory. We have got this one’.
M: ‘I have just got BT Infinity and now they are advertising BT Infinity 2. So I’m thinking, I’ve only just had the BT Infinity. Does that mean I have got to upgrade it to Infinity 2?’

Made in Bermondsey’
M: ‘I collect odd little vases, jugs and I just saw this one there, and where they are in the kitchen the sun shines through the window. They all stand out quite well, so I thought this one would look quite nice next to the others. I don’t think it’s Victorian although they did used to make this, what do they call it, Not cranbury?’
P: ‘That’s probably made in Bermondsey about a fortnight ago’.

Whitstable Oysters
M: ‘No, I don’t fancy that’.
P: ‘I just don’t think I would like it’.
M: ‘You don’t actually eat them (Whitstable oysters), you swallow them, don’t you and I don’t see what the point is. What enjoyment do you get out of that except this slimey thing going over your tongue, that’s salty and you just swallow it basically. What enjoyment is there in that?’

Whitstable Attractions
M: ‘Whitstable has become a very interesting seaside town for holidaymakers and tourists and the yuppie area if you like because a lot of the boutique shops in Harbour Street, they sell all these up and coming styles and everything which attracts these types of people’.

P: ‘Impressive Whitstable sunsets. That’s something which attracts people’.