Customer Interview – Clive

When I’m Cleaning Windows
‘I’ve been cleaning windows here for about fifteen years. God knows how you put up with me for fifteen years. I didn’t realise it had been fifty years. You don’t look fifty. You really don’t! This shop is so well known. Anyone who asks, Jones fish and chip shop, they know it. Fifty years!’.

Brixton Roots
‘Originally I come from Brixton, south London. Then I moved to Mitcham. I was in insurance with Colin. This was about fifteen years doing insurance. I didn’t believe in insurance and once you stop believing in insurance, you can’t sell it. I got out of that, they moved me down here because I used to work in Kent a lot and decided that rather than travel from London to Kent everyday, move me down to Whitstable, so they did. Within two months I’d left the company and became a window cleaner’.

Harbour Street Whitstable
‘I think Harbour Street is quite unique. There’s something about Harbour Street, it’s got this certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. If you say to people, you come from Herne Bay, where’s that? You say, Whitstable. Wow! About a year ago, Whitstable, as usual, was in the local news about how the Whitstable shops are different. Not the big global chains but they were filming it just outside Costa but you didn’t see Costa. They showed the shot, shooting down from the Duke of Cumberland down to Harbour Street.’

Whitstable Oysters
‘No I haven’t but apparently they’re nice. Oysters don’t come from Whitstable do they? I heard although Whitstable is noted for its oysters a lot of them come from Scotland. I might be wrong though’.

Toughest Place to be a Binman – BBC2
‘The smell, health. I think there’s a population of 28 million and 25 million live below the poverty line. You see them on these tips, bare feet, no gloves and as they are delivering all the, whatever, they’re just trying to pick out all the plastic and cans’.

It’s not my fault
‘Sometimes you feel guilty. You see these things and you do, lets face it, you feel guilty but I think a lot of it is altruism as well when you think, I’ll do something by giving whatever. I’m not saying we’re guilty. it’s not my fault. Collectively it could be all our fault. It’s not my fault personally that people are dying every three seconds. I would just like to point out, it wasn’t my fault that the windows weren’t cleaned properly, don’t blame me, carry on!’.

Cruise Ship Costa Concordia
‘Obviously the guy used to drive a speed boat and didn’t realise that it took a bit longer to turn around. A bit dodgy that but I think in the end they also want someone to blame. I think he was one hundred percent to blame obviously but something else must have gone wrong. My ship, my ship’s out there and apparently but I’m fine, I’m fine’.

The National Lottery’
‘If you’re not in it, you won’t win it and I’m afraid I’m not going to win it. my wife does it, so if she wins it, obviously I’ll help her spend it’.

Whitstable Weather
‘I love it around here. It’s a bit cold in the winter but it’s cold everywhere but the summers down here, when we get it, I think we’re very lucky down this way. I know we all complain but the weather’s pretty good down here in Whitstable. We always seem to miss that dodgy bit. The way we end up, I’ll be having my holiday in Whitstable. I need to get out more really!’.

A Band called Mecromantics
‘A band called Mecromantics. If you want to vote, vote. Go on the Super Jam Festival website’.