V.C. JONES of Whitstable

Fish Restaurant & Takeaway

Serving since 1962

fish and chips

Three generations of our family have been serving freshly cooked fish and chips to the residents and visitors of Whitstable since 1962.

As one of the last fish and chip shops left in the south of England to fry in beef dripping, we are proud to maintain traditional pre-war traditions.

We are currently operating a contact-free collection and delivery service. Just give our friendly team a ring, pay over the phone, and either collect or receive your freshly cooked fish and chips.

Call us on 01227 272703 or 07907 037999

It’s #internationalcatday so, allow us to introduce you to Marsha who lives with one of the family.

Her days involve napping, resting, sleeping, and eating the offcuts of cod from the shop.

Reduce, reuse, recycle (aka, spoil the cat)

#internationalcatday🐱 #blackcatsofinstagram #whitstable #fishandchips #fishandchipshop

It’s 2020, so obviously it’s not a shock that our internet has decided to go down today 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

So, in a complete turnaround from our lockdown/Covid-19 stance, we will be accepting cash and cheques until BT resolve the problem.

Please be patient with us, it’s been a reasonably stressful day already and it’s only 11.45.

The word of the day is ‘scorchio’.

It’s going to be hot and busy in town. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear sun screen 😎

If you usually order a Friday delivery or collection, why not prebook to make sure your order is placed.
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There’s something unique and quirky about Harbour Street. All the buildings and shops have their own personalities and we’re rather proud to sit in the middle of it all.
Here’s another stunning piece of art focussed on our frontage. A very talented artist who has caught the moment perfectly. Check out their Instagram page @originalartists2019

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Every piece of food that we serve is cooked fresh to order. Nothing is precooked.
That means that there’s always a 10-15 minute wait between calling in your order and collection.
A perfect opportunity to take a walk down Harbour Street and look in neighbouring shops while you wait for your fresh and tasty fish and chips. There’s no need to wait outside our shop as we call your name out of the door and send you a text when your meal is ready.

#whitstable #whitstablelife #fishandchips #fishandchipshop #fishandchips🐟🍟 #fishandchipfriday #seaside

It’s Independents Day (we know it’s Independence Day too, it’s not a typo). @ukindieday is a day designed to celebrate independent businesses.
It’s been a tough few months for all the indies on Harbour St. Come along and show them all your love #ukindieday #shoplocal #independentshops #whitstable

We realise it’s not the jazziest of pictures, but it’s always good to let our customers know about the smaller things we do to help the environment.

These are used to store our used fats which are then collected and recycled into fuel for low emission public transport. It keeps our rubbish low and, also, helps the environment. #fishandchips #whitstable #corporatesocialresponsibility #ethicalbusiness #smallbusiness #fishandchipshop

Many thanks to Karen Conway for sharing this favourite chippy sauce map with us...just in time for Saucy Sunday.

As you can see, curry sauce is the south east saucy chip shop condiment of choice.
Available today for collection or delivery.

#fishandchips #fishandchipshop #currysauce #whitstable #visitkent #shoplocal

Carrying on our VC Jones artwork series, this piece is by local artist Nick Wilty (can you recognise the celebrities in the picture?) Not only is Nick an extremely talented artist (a skill he learnt later in life) he’s also a very funny comedian who has a regular show on Saturdays at 6.00 on Big Bubble Radio.


We said we’d shout it from the rooftops and we’re doing a very happy dance.
We’re reopening tomorrow for contactfree deliveries and collections!

We’d like to thank everyone who sent us messages and support over the last two weeks. Your words were a tonic during what was a very difficult situation.

Our team can’t wait to chat to you all on the phones again.

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As some of you may remember we suffered a fire in February which left us closed for two weeks. During that time, we had extensive work done on our equipment to get it back to working order. There was one tiny bit of general work left to complete and then lockdown happened.
We, obviously, carried on serving everyone in our community running on 2/3 capacity. As lockdown was eased, we invited in some contractors to complete the work. They, unfortunately, caused damage to our system which has led to a problem that means we can’t open at the moment. We bought new parts and they’ve compounded the problem.
This has left us unable to open still. To say we are devastated would be an understatement as we have been so proud to have delivered to and be supported by our beautiful community in Whitstable for the last 13 weeks.
We’re working so hard to get back up and running as soon as possible as we know there are people in our community who rely on us for a safe, hot meal to be delivered to them or to collect from us.
All of the team want to make sure that everyone who buys from us is kept in the loop, so if you have elderly neighbours or relatives or you know people who don’t use social media and have deliveries from us, please can you let them know. We’re going to try to pop leaflets through doors, but we don’t want anyone going hungry.
Please rest assured, we’d love to have two weeks off under different circumstances, not under these ones. As soon as we’re up and running again we’ll be letting as many people as possible know as quickly as possible.
Thank you for all of your continuing support through lockdown and for helping us through pay it forward to keep our community fed.

#whitstable #fishandchips #community #lockdown #seaside #fishandchipshop

We're really sorry, we're going to be closed tomorrow.
We're gutted as we would love to be serving you all on Father's Day, but on an alternative note, after 12 weeks of working long hours, the dads on our team get to have a lovely day off with their sons and daughters, and the kids on our team (however grown-up) can see their parents for the day.

Wishing a peaceful and happy Father's Day to all the dads, grandads, stepdads and fosterdads (and the mums who act as dads). #family #smallbusiness #whitstable #lockdown #fathersday

We were given this stunning lino print by Reuben Haines this week! 😍
Reuben is 18 and so talented.
He’s selling some of his work on his Etsy page, so if you fancy having a piece of VC Jones hanging in your home check out his page


#linocut #linocutting #whitstable #whitstablebeach

Hello everyone.
At the start of lockdown, we were acutely aware that members of our community would need hot food. As a result, we have been serving the largest possible portions for the cheapest prices, haven't charged for deliveries, and have changed our packaging to make the business more ecologically friendly.
In the meantime, some of our costs have gone up. We've swallowed them for the last couple of months, but have had to make the decision to change some of our prices. Additionally, we're adding a 50p delivery charge to cover the expenses of our drivers.
We hope you understand. #whitstablebeach #whitstable #fishandchips #fishandchipshop #shoplocal

That special day of the week has arrived. Saucy Sunday!
Get your curry sauce on and sing about it from the roof tops (obviously while maintaining excellent social distancing) #fishandchipshop #fishandchips #whitstable #currysauce

Goodness it’s wet out.
That shouldn’t stop you enjoying fish and chip Friday though. We can deliver it to your door. What a result!
Saves you standing waiting for a contactless collection.
Give us a call for deliveries for now and pre-orders for later on:
01227 272703
07907037999. #fishandchips #fishandchipfriday #takeawayfood #fishandchipshop #whitstable